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mumbai, india vlog || GAP year travels x Mei-Ying Chow

Download mumbai, india vlog || GAP year travels x Mei-Ying Chow HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3
Download mumbai, india vlog || GAP year travels x Mei-Ying Chow HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3 Download mumbai, india vlog || GAP year travels x Mei-Ying Chow HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3 Download mumbai, india vlog || GAP year travels x Mei-Ying Chow HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3
File Name: mumbai, india vlog || GAP year travels x Mei-Ying Chow
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Uploader: Mei-Ying Chow
Published: 7 Nov 2018

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♡ India, Mumbai Travel Vlog || Mei-Ying Chow x Gap Year Traveling ♡

Firstly, HAPPY DIWALI!!!

The video where Suzy and I fly into Mumbai as two very innocent, naive, gap year girls... It was a huge culture shock arriving there and rather intimidating at first. We couldn’t leave the hostel, not only because we were situated next to a slum but the roads were too intimidating to cross and we couldn’t speak the language or work the metro. It was also incredibly hot reaching up to 40 celsius easily and as you can see we were nice and sweaty... mmmm! We were very lucky in that we made friends with other travellers and locals who were staying at Bombay Backpackers Hostel so they helped us conquer our fears. Sadly this trip ended with me in quite a state. Delhi belly is quite contagious and Suzy got it pretty bad during the last night so early the morning of our flight out... there was certainly trouble in paradise.

One of my favourite things was learning the language out there - we started to pick up things like "my name is" and "hello", "thank you" and some numbers - although that was quite painful as you will see later when we were stuck in a translation for hours listening to them call out the same times and train numbers over and over again. The people were so so lovely and I'm so glad we flew straight here as it got us emerged in the culture quite quickly and pretty much after mumbai we were ready to face anything tbh - even new delhi...

It was so much fun to go through this footage again as we visited here back in late April and I was just watching all 50 minutes of raw footage just giggling at the memories and how much of a mess we were. It’s safe to say we got more experienced as time went on. We slowly hacked it but I will say, we definitely didn’t get the hang of things / food poisoning till at least 2 weeks later... bear with us please!

This is the start of the GAP year travels but I have visited a few other places over the years:
Great Barrier Reef
Sydney australia

If you want to watch my last video - a "not so average" day in my life at university

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If you’re reading the description box like the wonderful, sneaky subscriber that you are, then comment below if you can hack spicy food or not for some secret Chow points!

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