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Yamaha R-Series Bikes [2018] [R50-R1M]

Download Yamaha R-Series Bikes [2018] [R50-R1M] HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3
Download Yamaha R-Series Bikes [2018] [R50-R1M] HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3 Download Yamaha R-Series Bikes [2018] [R50-R1M] HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3 Download Yamaha R-Series Bikes [2018] [R50-R1M] HD Mp4 3GP Video and MP3
File Name: Yamaha R-Series Bikes [2018] [R50-R1M]
Duration: 2.21
View:: 25.160
Published: 14 Agu 2018

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Yamaha R-series has 11 bikes: R50, R125, R15S, R15 V2, R15 V3, R25, R3, R6, R1S, R1, and the top of the line R1M. The R-Series of motorcycles is known worldwide for a couple of interesting reasons. The first reason of all is the displacement variety, surprising everyone with a range of 50cc to 998cc in a single moniker. Yes, that’s pretty true as Yamaha R-series also has a 50cc motorcycle listed under its name. The most powerful option available is Yamaha R1M, producing 200 hp and 112.4 Nm from its 998cc engine. It weighs just 201 kg and claims 299 kph of electronically governed top speed. The M moniker is removed in India as fans here get the standard R1 with slight changes in equipment.

Another version producing 194 hp is available globally, claiming 288 kph of top speed. Yamaha R6 is another powerful option with 118.4 hp of maximum power to push its 190 kg body from 0-100 kph in just 3 seconds. However, the top speed is limited to 262 kph. Yamaha R3 is an amazing option for superbike lovers with a strict budget. It costs INR 3.48 lakh and comes with a powerful 42hp engine. Those looking for the even affordable option can go for Yamaha R15 V3 at INR 1.27 lakh. It weighs a lot less and produces 19.3 hp of max power. The brand recently discontinued the R15 V2 in India while R15S is still on sale in India.

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